Version: 6.1.2-15132


Important Note

  1. The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few days, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly.
  2. This update will restart your Synology NAS.

What’s New in DSM 6.1.2

  1. Added the support of 32-bit models for repairing or expanding single volumes up to 16TB.
  2. Enhanced the write performance of the AFP in Mac environments.
  3. Added support for DHCP server lease time to be measured in seconds.

Fixed Issues

  1. Upgraded Samba to version 4.4.13, and fixed a security vulnerability (CVE-2017-2619).
  2. Fixed an issue where some users might experience failure when updating domain data, and enhanced the speed of domain data updates.
  3. Fixed an issue where users might experience failure when joining a domain.
  4. Fixed an issue where volume creation might fail on some models.
  5. Fixed an issue where SSD cache status might not be correctly reported via the SNMP.
  6. Fixed an issue where SSD read-write cache might fail to be loaded when upgraded to a larger cache in RAID 1.
  7. Enhanced the resource usage rate of passive servers on SHA clusters.
  8. Enhanced the stability of the unmounting process for encrypted shared folders.
  9. Fixed an issue where the L2TP connection service might not work properly for IPv6 clients.
  10. Fixed an issue where MTUs might be incorrect after Bond is established on DSM.
  11. Fixed an issue where the IPv6 service might not work properly.
  12. Fixed an issue where gateway information might be lost when Bond is removed.
  13. Adjusted the payment method in Package Center. To enable Paypal payment, please check “Enable additional payment options” in Settings.
  14. Refined the IronWolf Health Management (IHM) thresholds.
  15. Fixed issue where some 4TB IronWolf drives were not detected when IronWolf Health Management (IHM ) was enabled.
  16. Modified description of drive health status.


xpenology 6.1.1 -6.1.2 업데이트 화면


업데이트 내용입니다.
XPEnology Jun’s Mod 1.02a 3615xs 버전으로는 일단은 업데이트 불가합니다.


xpenology .6.1.2 업데이트 성공

서브NAS(리얼텍NIC)는 마이그레이션 실패 포스인스톨로 새로설치 하였습니다.
그리고 메인 NAS는 마이그레이션 성공했으며 jun’s Mod 3615xs 1.02a 버전 사용했습니다.

메인NAS Spec
Asus h97i plus
i5 4670T
Intel NIC
Raid5 Hdd*4

설치방법은 기존과 같습니다.

인텔랜이 아닌경우 마이그레이션이 안될수있습니다.

XPEnology(헤놀로지) 6.0.2와 6.1(6.1.1)버전 설치방법